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What is Bitspawn?

Esports advancement platform (EAP)

A digital infrastructure solution dedicated to improving the esports ecosystem. The Bitspawn EAP is devoted to improving player development pipelines, reinforcing the gaming economy, and protecting the rights of esports participants.

Why Bitspawn differs from the competition.


Game Data Automation

Integrated Payments

Player Development

How do I compete on Bitspawn?

How it works

1. Register:
Register with your email and sync your game accounts on the app.

2. Deposit:
Buy Spawn Credits (SPWN) with Credit Card or other payment methods.

3. Join a Competition:
Pay the entry fee for a tournament that has already been created, or create your own tournament.

4. Launch Your Game:
Wait for our automation tools to invite you to your tournament lobby.

5. Compete:
Play your matches and wait for tournament to end. Our technology automatically collects the results of matches. Prize pools are instantly delivered to the winner(s) Bitspawn Wallet(s).

What do people think?


Our goal is to create a platform that players love and use every day to improve.

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Carl Edwin-Michel

Northern Arena


Ben Feferman

Amuka Esports

“Bitspawn gives amateur players the boost they need and addresses esports pipeline problems. Bitspawn is making the esports ecosystem sustainable by supporting the development of rising talent.”

Evan Kubes

MKM Esports

“The esports industry remains flush with horror stories of 'cut-&-paste' contracts, regulatory mishaps, and even tournament organizers failing to pay out staff or dispense prize money. This is where Bitspawn comes in. Aside from being a turnkey solution to tournaments, Bitspawn is also helping to build the foundational infrastructure for the industry by making competitive play transparent and seamless.”

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