Why Bitspawn is Better Than Toornament

by Fabio

Toornament is a full-scale tournament organizing platform in the esports space. They help big tournament organizers, such as PGL and RIOT Games, host events. On their website, you can create huge tournaments with virtually every format and structure and let them play out for you. At first, this might sound absolutely great!

Here at Bitspawn, we follow a similar business model. We want to help organizers host and execute their events. However, there are a couple of things that we do differently. If you’re unsure which service to use, here are a few reasons to consider Bitspawn over Toornament.

Where’s the Player Development?

Taking part in tournaments is a grand undertaking, especially for amateur players. Obviously, they’re aiming to take home trophies and make a name for themselves. Most importantly, they’re trying to learn and evolve. Toornament lacks accessible and understandable metrics to help them identify their flaws, weaknesses, and all the stuff they need to work on. 

On Toornament, the best you can get as a player is a placement and kill count. These numbers won’t help you evolve and won’t really help you present yourself to the rest of the esports industry. Their platform puts a lot more emphasis on creating a seamless tournament experience, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it neglects the players in the long run and won’t be beneficial towards player development overall.

Our Esports Advancement Platform features Game Data Automation, which extracts and processes data after each match. Tournament organizers will be able to use this data for their broadcasts and analysis segments, while player will be able to display their skill to the world through easily understandable and accessible metrics. 

Players benefit massively from this, as they’ll have something to show towards sponsors and advertisers. Most crucially, they’ll have something to evaluate themselves with – more than just a placement and kill count in some tournament. 

Creating and hosting a tournament on Toornament is not something you can do in a minute!
Creating and hosting a tournament on Toornament is not something you can do in a minute!

All The Pressure is on the Organizer

When hosting a tournament, the organizer will have to provide 100% of the prize pool. Especially for amateur- and semi-professional endeavours, this won’t work well. Bitspawn lets organizers and players work hand in hand. If you want to partake in a competition, you have to pay an entrance fees. These fees are combined into a larger prize pool. With this approach, the tournament organizers won’t have to put that much emphasis on providing incentives for the players.

Lastly, Toornament takes quite some time to get into. Creating a tournament requires you to adjust a lot of variables across multiple screens and settings windows. For someone just starting out their journey, this might be overwhelming at first. Bitspawn features a simple interface and an easy-to-understand hosting process. You’ll have your first competition set up within minutes!

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So Which Platform Should I Give a Shot?

That depends entirely on where your focus is. Moreso than Toornament, Bitspawn aims to support grassroots esports endeavours by helping amateur- and semi-professional organizers monetize their competitions in a way that was not really possible before. We aim to improve player development, so that every talented individual will get their chance of growing. From the ground up, we want to reinforce the esports pipeline so that every project can be worth the risk, no matter which size and scale. If you want to host a tournament on Bitspawn, you’ll be able to do it. There’s nothing standing in your way. We will provide and and control the servers, get the players into the matches and pull the results to automatically prepare the next stages of your event. You won’t have to worry about any of this. 

Our platform will facilitate this process enormously, so that you’ll have plenty of time to focus on all the other parts of hosting esports tournaments!

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