What is an Esports Advancement Platform?

by Fabio

Here at Bitspawn, we call ourselves an Esports Advancement Platform, because we believe in securing and professionalizing esports for amateurs and pros alike. Our intention is to give small organizers and rising talent a platform to shine, which advances esports and builds towards a sustainable future for the entire industry.

Improving the Esports Ecosystem

For the esports ecosystem, small leagues and amateur tournaments are just as important as the big stadium events. In traditional sports, people are able to find their way to the top through local infrastructure, which gradually lets them enter bigger competitions. Since esports is so decentralized and often held online anyways, those local opportunities to start your career sometimes fall flat. 

What remains are amateur and semi-professional esports tournaments, which face a lot of difficulties when it comes to profitability. Esports has long since left behind the days of streaming from your home PC and through a $25 headset. Nowadays, even smaller tournaments require servers, broadcast stations, trained technicians and admin staff in order to deliver a worthwhile experience for viewers. With all these prerequisites and obstacles, it becomes quite the challenge to monetize these events without skimping on quality.

Here, Bitspawn alleviates a lot of the pressure. Organizers can look to us as a way to automate a lot of these processes or take them off their shoulders entirely. On the player side, Bitspawn gives a platform to young, talented virtual athletes and enables them to get their name out into the industry.

Our Esports Advancement Platform is an extensive resource for players and organizers looking to give themselves a head-start in the game. Through our efforts to activate and support grassroots esports, we hope to advance the industry as a whole.

Improving the Player Development Pipeline

Sometimes esports players rise to unprecedented stardom within months, but most of the time it takes hard work and a lot of patience to become a professional player. There are just so many hurdles to pass on your way to the big leagues that you might easily get caught up somewhere on the way and never make it to the top.

First of all, in most esports titles you can’t make it on your own. In team games, you’re not alone and your success depends as much on others as it depends on you. You can be the new ‘Faker’ of your generation, but if the rest of your team plays so bad that you’re not even getting past any amateur leagues you will have trouble advancing your career. And then, even if you’re insanely skilled and manage to find the right mix of players to channel this skill, there is no guarantee that you’re going to be picked up by a pro team, because they might just not be able to see you. 

Visibility is a key factor in scouting young talent. If you’re bringing in the big kills, you want people to see that right away. Bitspawn gives you the opportunity to display your competitive performance to potential brands, sponsors and advertisers. We’re eliminating at least some hurdles in your path towards becoming a professional esports athlete. 

Reinforcing the Gaming Economy

We always hear about the big numbers, the $25k monthly salaries, $20 Million league buy-ins and Billion-Dollar esports market valuations. But these depictions often overshadow a sad fact, which is that the esports industry is not quite working for the little man just yet. If you’re not a large esports organization like Cloud9 or Team Liquid, or a huge organizer in the realms of ESL or DreamHack, making money off of your esports endeavours becomes infinitely more complicated. We aim to change this.

Our self-made tournaments offer a revolutionary way for smaller organizers to make a profit. With league-setup, servers and administration taken care of, these organizers can dedicate much more resources to setting up their broadcasts and providing a quality experience for their viewers to enjoy.

And it doesn’t just stop there. With amateur players now being able to create and stream their own fun tournaments, the esports and gaming economy might finally start to work for the little man after all.

Protecting the Rights of Esports Participants

In any industry where there’s money to be made, there are always going to be people trying to screw others over. If you were to add up the prize money that was promised, but ultimately not been paid out in all of esports so far, you could probably buy yourself a nice mansion on Sunset Boulevard. This hurts our overall image as an industry, but most importantly it massively impacts players and their chances to convert their passion into a profession.

An Esports Advancement Platform would make sure that this will not take place, and this is exactly what Bitspawn does. We collect all prize money before the start of every tournament and hand it out automatically, so that you are guaranteed to receive your fair share. 

Join or Create Your Own Tournaments

With all this being said, what are you waiting for? Start taking control of your esports career, be it as a player, or as an organizer. There are countless opportunities waiting for you to be explored and, through our Esports Advancement Platform, we hope to be able to support you along the way!

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