The Most Upvoted Dota 2 Reddit Posts of All Time 2020

by Fabio

The Dota 2 Reddit is full of interesting posts on all aspects of the game. Whether it’s memes, commentaries, analyses or tutorials on Dota, you’re always guaranteed to find something interesting there. We’ve assembled a small list of some the most upvoted Reddit Dota 2 posts, so strap in!

Dota 2 – Reborn

Many newcomers won’t even remember how the old Dota 2 used too look. Believe us when we say that you’re lucky. In 2015, Valve completely overhauled the look and feel of the game. This Dota 2 Reddit post directly links to the developers’ official announcement. 

What happened behind the scenes was that Dota 2 was transitioned to the Source 2 engine. And it was about time for that! The original Source engine was released in 2004 and first used for Half-Life 2 in that year. The “Reborn” update delivered a sleek new interface, a hero demo function and numerous updates to DotaTV. The Dota community is actually pretty lucky – CSGO still hasn’t received its Source 2 overhaul!

“Take My Money, GabeN!”

For anyone invested into the Dota/Steam meme scene, this image is hilarious. If you don’t understand what’s happening here, you’ve obviously never partaken in a Steam Sale event. Or you don’t know who Gabe Newell is. In any case, here we go:

Gabe Newell is the founder of Valve and Steam. This means that some of the games that you know and love, as well as the platform you play them on, were developed under his supervision. He has become an icon of the gaming scene. The issue with Steam, however, is that it’s really easy to sink a lot of money into games. The store pages are just so tempting and these titles are basically one click away. What’s worse is that Steam regularly hosts sales, where they offer great games for substantially lower prices. So the idea of handing all of one’s money to Steam and Gabe Newell has become an gaming meme. What you’re seeing here is a fan literally giving his wallet to Gabe. It is honestly one of the funniest Dota 2 Reddit posts of all time!

The TI7 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of The International 2017

At The International 2017, KuroKy Dota 2 has fulfilled his long-standing dream of winning a Dota 2 International event. Usually, he never breaks face. But as he held the trophy, he burst into tears, thousands of fans cheering all around him. 

KuRoKy hoisting the trophy after a successful TI7 Grand Finals
KuRoKy hoisting the trophy after a successful TI7 Grand Finals (via Kicker)

Actually, it’s not just the winning moment that went down in esports history. In Game 1, Team Liquid delivered an absolute stomp. But in Game 2, they took a slower pace and drafted a composition that would take substantially longer to activate. For quite a while it appeared as if they were losing their grip on the match. In reality, they waited for their players to achieve maximum power. When they did, there was no stopping them. Game 3 took the longest time to complete, but Newbee were basically beaten already. They had spent all their energy on the first two rounds and were left breathless as the Europeans rolled in for their final advance. As the Dota 2 Reddit post puts it, GH’s Earth Shaker plays were really ‘PogChamp’!

Now, KuRoKy is back at it again with his new team, Nigma. So far, they have shown that they are capable of becoming a top team. But will they be a contender for the TI title?

Rest in Peace, TotalBiscuit

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain has passed away after a long fight with cancer.

Unfortunately, Dota 2 and the entire esports community lost a beloved figure in August of 2018. John “TotalBiscuit” Bain was a world-famous game critic on YouTube, an esports shoutcaster and a StarCraft II tournament organizer. He had done so much for the gaming scene, but unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer at a relatively young age. Since 2014, he had fought to fend the illness off, but in 2018 it got the better of him. This Dota 2 Reddit post links to the announcement of his wife. To honor Bain’s life, Blizzard created a commemorative bundle with all proceeds going directly to his wife and child.


7.00 from DotA2

With over 36k upvotes, this is the most upvoted Dota 2 Reddit post of all time – if we’re not counting the one on net neutrality. 7.00 was a gigantic update for Dota 2. It came after the Source 2 transition and brought along changes to the HUD and reworked a bunch of heroes in the game. Most importantly, the update added a talent tree for every hero, which could be leveled during the round. Roshan was moved to a different location and the jungle was entirely remodeled on both sides. 

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This update was massive and rocked the competitive scene to its core. So many new features and hero changes to learn and to master. But eventually, everything settled down and the pro players were back with destroying everyone on the server. 

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