Invoker Dota 2 – Counters & Invoker Spells

by Fabio

Invoker is the most difficult Dota 2 hero to play. Mastering him requires learning a dozen different abilities and spells. But if you’re confident with the hero and know when and where to use him, be becomes the most effective weapon in Dota 2. Then the pressure is on your opponents to know how to counter you. In order to get you going with Invoker, we’re going to discuss his abilities, the infamous Invoker spells and some useful Invoker counters.

Invoker with a stack of his three different abilities
Invoker with a stack of his three different abilities (via

Invoker Abilities

First, we’re going to talk you through his basic three abilities. Quas increases his health regeneration with an orb that floats around him. He can stack up to three instances, which adds additional regeneration. The Wex ability provides attack and movement speed, which can be stacked once again. Exort grants Invoker additional attack damage. These abilities create orbs, which are visible around Invoker. With this information, the opponents will always know his current setup.

Invoker can only have three active instances at once. If you’re casting one of these abilities onto a full stack, the oldest cast gets replaced. This can make for interesting combinations and can be altered for different stages of the game. For instance, if you’re expecting to get into a fight, you might consider stacking Wex and Exort orbs beforehand. After disengaging from a battle, it might make sense to heal yourself up with some Quas instances.

These abilities give you a multitude of options for how to set up Invoker. In one moment, he can be an incredibly damage dealer and in the next he will be able to heal himself up ridiculously fast. 

Organizing these abilities is incredibly difficult. Not only do you have to know what’s best for your current situation, you’ll also have to think one or two steps ahead. What’s going to happen in the next few minutes and how can I best anticipate that with my abilities?

This adds so many layers of strategy on top of what a hero normally has to do. Not only that, these instances also play a huge role with Invoker’s ultimate ability. In order to master the hero, you’ll need to learn all the Invoker spells by heart.

Invoker Spells

The ultimate ability, fittingly called “Invoke”, makes him the most complex Dota 2 hero. Depending on which instances of his regular abilities are active, it can have ten different effects. 

There are ten different Invoker spells, all depending on the stack of abilities
There are ten different Invoker spells, all depending on the stack of abilities (via

We’re not going to walk you through each and every spell. You’ll need plenty of time to learn by heart all the different effects that Invoker spells can have. Cold Snap is available when you have stacked three Quas. It will completely freeze your opponent and the duration is extended for every bit of damage that the enemy hero takes. Stacking three Wex casts will enable EMP, which creates and sends out a shock blast. Every enemy caught in its radius will have lots of mana drained. The heroes will also receive damage proportional to the mana drain and Invoker will gain half of the mana that has been drained overall. Sun Strike is a straightforward damage dealing ability. With three Exorts stacked, it just strikes and dashes out damage, which is spread evenly over all enemy units. This also includes creeps, so make sure that you’re only targeting heroes!

Head on over to Liquipedia’s feature on Invoker in order to learn more about the specifics for each one of the Invoker spells.

Invoker Counters

It is incredibly difficult to go up against this hero, mainly because you never really know what to anticipate. Most heroes will have a set list of abilities and you’ll always know what to expect from them. But Invoker can literally have ten different setups, which all influence the way that he is played. 

There is one saving grace here. In all cases. So much of his value in the game is determined by his abilities, which arguably is his only real weakness.  Invoker heavily depends on mana and has no dedicated ability for restoring it. A successful Invoker counter involves either draining his mana resources, or disabling him. Without his abilities, he becomes quite an easy target. 

Disabling Invoker

In terms of stopping him from casting spells, Faceless Void is one of the best Invoker counters. During Time Dilation, Invoker is stopped entirely from casting. Most importantly, the ability slows him down by 10% for every cooldown, which also counts his hidden or unused spells. So he is basically rendered useless for the entire duration of Time Dilation. With Time Walk, Faceless Void also backtracks any damage inflicted on him by Invoker.

Juggernaut achieves a similar feat. While he doesn’t silence Invoker directly, he can at least make himself immune to spell damage. Blade Fury also dishes out lots of damage, helping you take down Invoker fast. Omnislash similarly makes Juggernaut invulnerable and lets him quickly take down Invoker. There are also quite a few items that can help you disable Invoker during a teamfight.

Draining Mana

Nyx Assassin’s Mana Burn will remove mana from a hero relative to their intelligence value. Then, the actual amount of mana removed will be applied as additional damage. Mana Burn makes Nyx a great Invoker counter, since he is so much dependant on his mana resources. This means that you want to cast this ability early in the fight. When Invoker has lots of mana left, the ability will burn as much of it as it can, which, by extension, also deals as much damage as possible. Spiked Carapace also allows Nyx to stun him and reflect damage.

Diffusal Blade has a passive ability that will burn mana from an enemy hero with each attack. It also deals additional damage, but the mana draining is what will help you counter Invoker in the long run.

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We hope that this guide has helped you understand how to play Invoker, at least on a basic level. You’ll also know which heroes to pick against him and how to play if you want to deny his impact on the game. Stick around our Bitspawn blog in order to learn more about how to play Dota 2. We also create feature articles on streaming and organizing tournaments. Stay tuned for more Dota 2 hero tutorials!

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