How to Surf in CSGO

by Fabio

Surf is a popular game mode in CSGO. Aside from the competitive and casual game modes, it is perhaps one of the most played parts of the game. However it has little to do with the usual Counter Strike content. In the CSGO surf mode, you won’t be shooting players anytime soon. Instead, you’ll be gliding along slopes and flying off of surfaces. This might sound a bit boring at first, but surfing in CSGO is actually really challenging!

Surfing was discovered in Counter Strike 1.6 and was never intended as an actual game feature. People just found out that, pressing the correct buttons, one could slide along a slope and reach speeds way beyond the running limit. From that observation, a sport was born. Now, CSGO players race against the clock in gigantic mazes, looking to see who can surf the fastest. It’s quite addictive, so maybe you want to learn how to surf in CSGO!

How to Surf in CSGO

The principle behind a CSGO surf is actually really simple, but mastering it will require hundreds of hours. You’ll only need your mouse and your A and D buttons. As soon as you are on the slope, use the keys to press yourself against the wall. This means that you’ll have to use D if the slope is to your right and A if it is on your left. Your crosshair should always point in the direction that you want to surf to, otherwise you will fall off or lose momentum. 

This will help you stay on the slope, but of course you will still have to get from one to the next. For that, you’ll have to launch yourself off. You do that by moving your mouse so that you start ascending the slope, until you are catapulted off the edge. When in the air, your mouse movement will change your direction and allow your to get back onto the next slope and continue on with your momentum. 

It’s impossible to describe the kind of angle and the exact speed that you need for this. Just jump on a map and start trying out stuff. At first, you will probably fall off immediately. But give it some time, practice, and your results will improve. But how do you practice, exactly?

CSGO Surf Maps

The game is absolutely riddled with surf maps. Just go the Steam Workshop, look for some high rated CSGO surf maps and start adding them to your game. For beginners, we recommend surf_beginner. It is really simple and will give you the chance to learn the fundamentals of surfing. You’ll not be doing any tricks on that map. But when you’re learning how to surf in CSGO from the ground up, you should first worry about not falling off anyways. 

Advanced players may want to check out surf_fortum, surf_mesa, or surf_utopia. These maps offer a higher skill ceiling. With longer and more tricky jumps, you’ll be able to practice more intricate maneuvers. However, running along surfaces on CSGO maps all by yourself can become a bit boring and tedious. So what do you to if you want to have some company?

One of the best looking CSGO surf maps, surf_fortum (via Steam Workshop)
One of the best looking CSGO surf maps, surf_fortum (via Steam Workshop)

CSGO Surf Servers

Of course you want to measure your skills up against other surfers. CSGO is a multiplayer game, after all. For this, Counter Strike allows players to create community servers. There, you’ll be surfing over slopes alongside dozens of players. Most servers feature leaderboards, where you can track and compare your progress. You can also enable voice chat and talk with the other players while sharpening your skills.

These servers can be accessed in the main window under ‘Community Servers’. In the browser window, you can then type in the game mode and additional parameters to search for CSGO surf servers. In the community server browser, the CSGO surf maps will be labelled with tiers. If you’re learning how to surf in CSGO, you should start off with Tier 1 maps and then gradually make your way up. 

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As in any skill-based competition, you’ll have to invest quite some time before anyone will call you a decent CSGO surfer. But stick with it and maybe, one day, you’ll be on the scoreboard of the most difficult CSGO surf map! If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about esports check out our what is esports article.

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