How to Practice Smokes in CSGO

by Fabio

In Counter Strike Global Offensive, utility plays an important role. So one of your objectives as a player should be to learn how to practice smokes in CSGO. Especially in the higher ranks of competitive matchmaking, you’ll have trouble entering a site without specific grenades. For instance, you might consider rushing through B Apartments on Mirage. As soon as the CT side hears you running through, they’ll throw a fire grenade into the exit. If you haven’t prepared for this, you will have two different options. You could run through the fire, which would inadvertently halve the HP of all of your players or kill them outright. The other option would be stalling your push, which would give the CT side plenty of time to advance in Mid and at A Site, thus cornering you in. 

So either way you go, you’ll immediately be at a disadvantage. The third option involves buying a smoke grenade. As soon as you see the fire grenade flying, you can cast your smoke and extinguish the flames. This way you and your teammates won’t suffer any damage. Most importantly, you’ll be able to explode out of the Apartments from multiple angles. Obviously, smoke grenades are vital to your success in the game.

How a Mirage Smokes Execute Works

We’re back on Mirage, but this time we’re taking a look at A site. Three of your players can set up in front of A Ramp. One will throw a grenade towards CT Spawn, another onto A Stairs and the third one will smoke off Jungle. Now when you push through Ramp (ideally with a fourth player coming through Palace), you’ll have fewer angles to check and cover. There is still the possibility for a sniper to sit on the Ticket Booth at CT, but you’ll be able to double peek them from Ramp and Palace. Your Palace player will be able to advance safely, since Jungle and Stairs are both blocked off.

Unless you get wrecked by a lone player on A Site, this smoke execute will grant you a safe plant. Most importantly, you’ll be able to plant for Palace and Ramp. This means that you can safely retreat into these positions for the after-plant, giving you even more of an advantage. 

Useful Dust 2 Smokes

Of course, you don’t need to have all these intricate strategies lined up. There’s a lot that you can do on your own already. On Dust 2, for instance, one of the B players on the CT side will throw a smoke towards the Mid Doors early on. This enables your players to cross towards B Site safely, without getting tagged by the opponent’s AWPer. 

Another example involves the A Short Position. Advancing towards A as the terrorists is quite difficult, as you’ll be vulnerable to many angles and positions on A Short. However, you can throw a smoke that perfectly lands on the ledge towards CT Spawn, so that all of your players are obscured until they are almost in front of A Site.

Learn How to Practice Smokes in CSGO

These were examples for smoke throws that you should always be ready to hit in the moment. However, there are more complex executions involving smoke grenades that you can plan ahead of time. These throws require pixel-perfect precision and lots of training to hit them perfectly each time. For some of the more difficult ones, you’ll have to run and jump at the right moment, all while holding the smoke at one specific angle. You won’t be able to do that without digging into CSGO smokes. If you want to learn how to practice smokes in CSGO, we have the perfect tutorial for you!

Image of the Steam workshop page 'YPrac Mirage Guide' by user 'Yesber'
Mirage guide, featuring grenade practice (by user ‘Yesber’)

CSGO Smoke Practice Servers

In the Steam Workshop, you’ll find plenty of practice servers for all kinds of grenades. Here, you will be assisted with helpful graphics and detailed explanations. These will guide you through the grenade throws, which you can practice until you nail them consistently.

Jump onto those servers and learn executes with your teammates. This will massively improve your chances of winning. Most crucially, it increases your value as a player. Being able to coordinate these executes and precisely call them within the round gives you valuable experience towards becoming an In-Game-Leader. 

Create Your Own Practice Environment: CSGO Console Commands

In this guide on how to practice smokes in CSGO, we want to give you an overview of the built-in resources that the game has to offer. Of course you won’t need to download these practice maps from the workshop. Especially if you’re trying to freely experiment with the game, you might want to set up your own server.

Doing that is as straightforward as it can get. Open the playing menu and select ‘Training with Bots’. Now you’ll have your own server running. But at the moments, there’s bots running around and you have less than 2 minutes every round to run around try stuff out.

To change that, you’ll have to enable the CSGO console. In the ‘Game Settings’ tab, you need to enable the console. Next, you’ll have to assign a key to it in order to open it mid-game. You’ll find the option for that right at the end of the ‘Keyboard and Mouse’ tab.

Console commands enable you to fine-tune your server. For instance, you can extend the round time or the amount of money that you receive after a round. With this, you can quickly set up a smoke training server. Here are some useful and important console commands to consider:

  • <sv_cheats 1> enables additional functionalities. You’ll be able manipulate all of the below parameters.
  • <bind “n” “.noclip”> binds the noclip-command to the n button of your keyboard. Noclip will make you weightless and invincible, so that you can fly around on the map and go through molotovs without getting hurt. 
  • <bot_kick all> will remove all bots from your current session, so that you can practice in peace. You can also do that in the ‘Training with Bots’ menu before creating a server.
  • <mp_roundtime_defuse 60> will set the round timer to 60 minutes. That should be enough time to try things out!
  • <mp_buy_anywhere 1> enables you to buy everywhere on the map, not just at the spawn points.
  • <mp_startmoney 60000> will give you $60000 at the start of the game.

With that you’ll be able to buy all sorts of weapons and grenades to experiment with, and will have plenty of time to do so! If you want to streamline this process, you can put all of this information into a config file. TobysCS has published a CSGO guide on how to create a grenade practice config, where you’ll find a complete configuration and instructions on how to insert it into the game.

Learn and Experiment with CSGO Smokes

Now that you’ve set up all of these parameters, you can run around on the map and throw all sorts of grenades. If you find a useful grenade, you can try to find objects and specific pixels to line up your throw. This way you can document a way to replicate this specific grenade and use it in competitive play!

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In time, you’ll be able to channel these newly-learned smoke executions into high-level gameplay. As soon as that happens you might be tempted to join amateur and semi-professional tournaments and try your luck at becoming an esports athlete. Here at Bitspawn, we provide the perfect Esports Advancement Platform for you to refine your gameplay and display your skills to the world. Join us and start your esports career now!

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