How to Deposit Money on Bitspawn

by Fabio

On Bitspawn, we handle money in the form of tokens. If you add money to your account, it will be converted into our SPWN currency, where 100 SPWN tokens equal $1 and vice-versa. With these tokens, you can enter into competitions as a player. If you are creating an esports tournament on Bitspawn, these tokens will be accumulated into a giant prize pool for your participants to win.

Why Do I Need To Deposit Money on Bitspawn?

We designed our Esports Advancement Platform to help amateur and semi-professional organizers securely and smoothly realize their esports tournaments. We automatically collect entrance fees from the players who enter into a tournament. Our system then distributes the money among the top performers within the tournament. 

We care deeply about our player base. Never does the tournament organizer see any of the money or have the chance to run away with it. This means absolute security for anyone looking to compete in Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments. In order to give everyone a chance to participate in competitions on Bitspawn, we offer various means for depositing money on our platform. 

Depositing Bitcoin on Bitspawn

Acquiring SPWN tokens via Bitcoin a straightforward process. You simply need to deposit the appropriate amount to the address that is generated on our site. If you’re too lazy to type in or copy this address, you can also just scan in the QR code!

Please note that payments via Bitcoin can take up to an hour. This is due to how the system behind Bitcoin confirms transactions. After this process has been completed, you will have your tokens ready and waiting on Bitspawn. 

Depositing Ethereum on Bitspawn

The process of getting Ethereum onto Bitspawn is similar to depositing Bitcoin. However, it requires one additional step. Since we’re using a custom Ethereum network, you will have to type in your PoA address alongside the regular payment address. If you’re using a wallet app for Ethereum, this will not be too difficult to do. 

Using Credit Card to Deposit Money on Bitspawn

We totally understand if all of this “digital blockchain currency magic” is too much for you. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum have become popular and safe methods of transferring money, some are still sceptical. In the end, that’s down to you. But we don’t want you to miss out on the Bitspawn experience.

So if you don’t trust this new technology, we have also set up a way to deposit via credit card. Our credit card transaction system is powered by Stripe, so you can safely and securely get your money onto the Bitspawn platform. 

Redeem Promo Codes on Bitspawn

Should you come across Bitspawn promo codes, you can redeem those on our platform and receive free SPWN tokens. Redeeming these codes is incredibly simple. In the promo code window, simply type in your code and you’re good to go. The tokens will automatically be added to your account.

With all of these methods for getting money onto our platform, you will be able to swiftly participate in any tournament you desire. This also means that tournament organizers now have an uncomplicated way of monetizing their competitions, enabling them to give back to the players and provide exciting events for them. Now’s the time to head over to Bitspawn, so join us and start taking part in this novel esports tournament experience!

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