How to bhop in CSGO

by Fabio

Bunnyhopping is one of the most complicated mechanics in CSGO. It requires pinpoint precision and exact button clicks, down to the millisecond. Because of this, it has become an iconic part of Counter Strike and has even made it into a standalone game mode. Learning how to bhop in CSGO is crucial if you want to master the game completely.

Player bunnyhopping in Counter Strike 1.6
Player bunnyhopping in Counter Strike 1.6 (via ‘najs’ on YouTube)

Where does bunnyhopping come from?

The bhop was a mechanic in the original Counter Strike game. Back then, it was a little easier to pull off. In every CS game, there is a maximum speed at which in-game characters can run. Because of this, players started experimenting with the game’s movement. They wanted to find ways to gain an advantage over their opponents. By travelling faster to and between spots, they would have been able to basically outrun their enemies. 

Somewhere along the way, they found that jumping and moving to the sides somehow increased the speed massively. By stringing those jumps together, the velocity increased further and further. As with anything remotely difficult, players started to create a competition around it. Many players have become famous for being exceptional bunnyhoppers.

The Legend of ‘phoon’

Who is this ‘phoon’? No one really knows. But for quite some time, a ruthless Counter Strike Source player haunted the ESEA servers. Most called him a cheater, because he managed to chain almost minute-long bunnyhops. This allowed him to run with incredible speeds, reaching points where he would normally never be able to appear in the first seconds of a round. 

As soon as compilations and montages of his matches started to spread, a legend formed around the person. To this day, CS players wonder who phoon was, or is. With the release of CSGO, the person appears to have departed the scene. At least there are no new montages and no one has ever seen someone bunnyhop with the speed and accuracy of phoon again.

Why learn how to bhop in CSGO?

For one, it is a fun thing to do. There are countless bunnyhopping maps in the community browser, for beginners and pros alike. Training your fingers to execute this kind of movement is generally helpful in Counter Strike. A lot of maps feature complicated jumps. Learning how to bhop is just one of many steps towards fine-tuning your movement. 

It can also come in handy during professional games. Take Dust 2 as an example. The distance to A long is set so that the CT and T players heading towards the doors will roughly meet up at the same time. This means that, in order to have an advantage while peeking, every millisecond counts. So if you’re good at bunnyhopping, you can potentially scrape an entire second off of your runtime. When your opponent comes around the corner, you will already have your crosshair trained on their head.

However, this time gain is tiny overall. The random spawn points have a much higher influence on whether you arrive at your desired destination in time. This is probably why we see very few professional players using the bhop CSGO mechanic. It takes a long time to master and, in the end, doesn’t really help with shooting heads that much. In a few instances, it might make sense. Here’s a clip from JW, one of CSGO’s best AWP players of all time, using a bunnyhop to quickly peek from Dust 2’s catwalk.

Bunnyhopping in CSGO

If you want to learn how to bhop in CSGO, there are many ways to do that. For one, you can try it out all by yourself. The core mechanic is pretty simple. You’ll need to reach maximum velocity by running in a straight line with your knife out. Then you need to jump. As you’re in the air, you’ll have to strafe to either the left or the right side. Jumping left, you press ’A’, jumping right, you press ‘D’. As soon as you land, you have to jump again in order to make it back into the air seamlessly. There, you just jump into the other direction, so as to create a zig-zag pattern. 

Of course, this is much easier to explain in a video. There are bunch of great bunnyhopping tutorials, but we recommend this bhop guide by BananaGaming. In any case, you will have to train the movement yourself. For that purpose, there are countless bhop CSGO servers in the community browser. Most of them will be competitive maps, where the players race against each other as the time is measured. But often times, you will find training servers, where smaller and easier courses are set up for you to learn the basics. 

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With this guide on how to bhop in CSGO, you should have gathered all the necessary information to get started. We have published quite a few CSGO tutorials so far, but we’re also there to help you when it comes to getting started with streaming and hosting amateur- or semi-professional esports tournaments. Stick around our Bitspawn blog for more content like this!

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