How Do I Start a Tournament on Bitspawn?

by Fabio

Bitspawn is a novel system for organizing tournaments. Our Esports Advancement Platform helps you streamline the process of hosting amateur and semi-professional esports competitions. Setting up a tournament on Bitspawn is quite an easy feat, but nonetheless we’re here to help you through this process.

First, you need to find the ‘Create Tournament’ page in the left sidebar. Upon opening the page, you will be presented with a few fields and options to set up your tournament. First off, you need to give it a name. 

Choosing the Game And Tournament Structure

Currently, our system supports tournaments in Dota 2, with plans to add Counter-Strike: Global Offensive into the mix soon. Right now, you can decide between a 1v1 and 5v5 setup, which of course influences the number of players that can attend your event.

Now, you need to pick a format for your tournament. At the moment, we’re offering Single-Elimination, Double-Elimination, and Consolation. There are huge differences between these formats (especially in terms of overall tournament length), so make sure to read up on them beforehand.

To help you decide between these formats (amongst others), we will post guides and explanations on this blog in the coming weeks and months. We will add more and more tournament formats as we go through our beta testing, so be sure to stick around!

‘Create Tournament’ page on Bitspawn

Setting Maximum Player Number and Prize Allocation

If, for instance, you are planning to host a 5v5 event, you obviously need to limit the player number to a multiple of 5. Otherwise, you might end up having a team with fewer than five players.

The prize allocation lets you choose which players get the most from attending your event. You can add up to eight different winners and divide the rewards up between them, as percentages of the prize pool. For example, you could give 50% to the first place, 25% to the second place, 12% to the third place, and so on. If you opt for a 5v5 mode, these placements obviously refer to the teams and not the individual players!

The prize pool is comprised of all the entrance fees that were collected as part of the tournament. You can set the entrance fee for your event – remember that 100 SPWN equal $1! 

Setting Tournament Dates

Your event needs two different dates. The Cutoff Date is the moment after which players won’t be able to register for your event, so they will have to make sure to join beforehand. Then there’s the actual starting point of your tournament, after which the first matches will commence. Our system will take it from there and ensure that your event runs smoothly, all the way to the end. 

Defining Tournament Rules

Depending on the size of your project, dozens of potential issues can arise during a tournament. Players being late to their matches, teams forfeiting their place in the tournament, potentially illegal bug abuse, there are so many theoretical scenarios that an organizer might have to account for. 

When setting up for your tournament, we give you the opportunity to lay down ground rules and mechanisms for these kinds of situations. Our editor packs extensive markdown features to help you structure your rulebook. You can include lists, bullet points, hyperlinks, images, and even preview your draft!

Last but not least, you can upload a banner, which will later be displayed on the tournament page. When you’re done with all of the above points, the only thing left is to click “Launch”! The page will now be visible in the tournament hub, where you can filter through all the other competitions by name. Now you’ll just have to wait for players to populate your tournament. The event will automatically commence and play through, until the winner has been crowned. GL&HF with your very own esports tournament!

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