Fortnite Challenges – Guide & Tips

by Fabio

Fortnite is fun enough on its own. But to spice up the matches, Epic Games have developed Fortnite Challenges. First introduced in Season 3, players are rewarded for completing in-game missions while playing regular matches. Recently, there have been a few changes around these challenges. Epic Games have reworked the way in which they appear in-game. Players had to get used to the Limited Time Missions. Still, there are a number of regular Fortnite challenges remaining in the game. But how exactly do they work?

How Fortnite Challenges Work

In the main menu, under the ‘Challenges’ tab, you can view all of the current Fortnite challenges. You don’t need to activate them, this tab is just meant as an overview of what you have to complete and how far you have progressed. In order to take them on you should, however, know the challenges that are currently open for play. You might accidentally complete some, but it’s best to know ahead of time. This way, you can already make decisions at the start of the match that will help you with achieving your goals. 

Originally, there were a number of different challenge formats. Until August of 2019, players used to receive Daily Challenges. Those would include, for instance, playing with a friend, getting 10 eliminations, and so on. Weekly Challenges were meant to demand a lot more of the players, while also giving them ample time to complete the tasks. Both have been featured as part of the game since Season 3. However, for Season 10, Epic Games have completely remodeled how Fortnite challenges work. Here’s what’s new.

The Fortnite challenges tab
The Fortnite challenges tab (via Reddit)

The new Fortnite Challenges Model

Limited Time Missions have essentially replaced the Daily Challenges. Over the course of an entire season, you will be presented with a fixed number of tasks. This gives you the opportunity to complete the challenges in a different order, on a different day, as you like. 

The weekly challenges have also been phased out by this new model. You can view missions as essentially being a set of challenges, each one earning you points towards completing a full mission. This model delivers plenty of in-game-opportunities for players. Epic certainly hope to keep their player base occupied for the entire season.

Prestige Fortnite Challenges

We’ll be honest with you, most of the challenges won’t be difficult to complete for any seasoned Fortnite player. Even novice players can probably get 10 kills in a day with enough time on their hands. So Epic Games have opted to provide an additional conquest for the higher-skilled players. Prestige challenges mostly feature the same kind of tasks, but condensed and more challenging. The aforementioned 10 kills a day are not so difficult to achieve, but what about 10 kills in one single match? Prestige challenges increase the stakes and you’ll have a lot more problems with completing those. But that’s exactly what these Fortnite challenges are for. They keep the game fresh, interesting and competitive. 


Events are the biggest Fortnite challenges. They usually span multiple weeks and take place during seasonal festivities. For instance, there have been christmas or sylvester events in the past. Those challenges are usually largest, they take quite a lot of time to complete. But you’ll be compensated richly, plus it adds to the overall experience!

Fortnite is currently hosting the "Summer Splash" event
Fortnite is currently hosting the “Summer Splash” event (via Epic Games)

Recently, Epic Games have set most of the map underwater. As part of “Summer Splash”, parts of the playable area are now submerged. The festivities include new in-game items and a bunch of play modes ready for you to tackle. For the entirety of the summer, Fortnite will feature this “Splash” event and all that comes along with it. Events and Fortnite Challenges breathe fresh air into the Fortnite landscape. As they’re seasonal, you won’t be seeing them very often. But when they’re taking place, we recommend you to join in. The rest of the players certainly will.

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