Dota 2 Items, What Items Should I Buy?

by Fabio

Dota 2 is a team game in which the players are tasked to destroy their opponents base through thoughtful and tactical gameplay. Fielding heroes with unique abilities, the have to work together to defeat the enemy team. On their way towards victory, they earn experience and gold, with which they can purchase objects. These objects come with useful abilities and bonuses, which further enhance the heroes’ capabilities. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? So better stick around if you want to know how to play Dota 2!

What Are the Most Important Items in Dota 2?

Every hero has their individual builds and key items, but there are some objects that are generally beneficial and are bought by most players. Taking a cue from, we have assembled a small list of important items in Dota 2.

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Top 10 items bought during competitive games in Dota 2 (May 2020,

As you can see, some of these items are bought quite frequently, and on average, they should be present in each and every game. We call them the best items in Dota 2, because they are obviously really important to the game. So what do these items do, exactly?

Magic Wand

If you’re ever in need of a quick health and mana refresh (believe us, this will happen all the time!) the Magic Wand can quickly grant you 15 health and mana per charge. The item charges whenever an opposing hero or neutral creep uses an ability. With a maximum of 20 charges the Magic Wand can store quite a lot of useful regeneration for you. 

Particularly fragile heroes will require this item during the laning phase, as they will otherwise barely stand a chance during smaller fights. Since this wand is comprised of other items that are frequently bought in the early stages of a game, building it may be a cost- and space-efficient option anyways. 

Blink Dagger

The Blink Dagger is one of the most important items in Dota 2, as it can effectively teleport you 1200 units away from your current position. Double-clicking it automatically teleport you towards your base (with a lower overall distance, however).  This enables to initiate fights by jumping into a group of enemy heroes. In theory, you can also disengage from fights, but there is one caveat to this. Any damage from opposing players and from your team (excluding yourself) will put the item on a 3 second cooldown. This means that, if you’re actively fighting, you can’t just teleport out of the brawl at any given moment.

Town Portal Scroll

Particularly in the early game, the Town Portal Scroll is a useful item to possess. It lets you teleport to a friendly building (or, if you target the ground, the nearest friendly building). Double-Clicking it will automatically bring you back to your base.

During the first stages of the game, most of your structures will (hopefully) still be standing. If you died and you fear that the enemy hero is going to run away with their farming, this item will save you lots of travelling time and help you gain a regain footing on your lane.  For the price of 90 gold, it is also not a huge investment to make.

Power Treads

Judging from all the previous items, time and speed seem to be deciding factors in Dota 2. Continuing down this path, we present the Power Treads. These boots are customizable to different attributes and will thus grant you unique bonuses. Most importantly, they will improve your movement and attack speed. 

Obviously, this will be a useful boost for every stage of the game. Whenever you’re hunting enemy heroes, attacking massive crowds of creeps or generally trying to deal damage, the Power Treads will help you enormously along the way. If you’re asking us, 1400 gold is not a huge asking price!

Black King Bar

In relation to the other items presented here, the Black King Bar is ridiculously expensive at 4050 gold. But you’re going to get a whole lot out of it, as it can effectively protect you from any spells and abilities of your opponents for a short time. Upon casting active ability of Black King Bar, you’re immune for ten whole seconds, which decreases with every use to a minimum of five seconds.

This is especially useful for carries and initiators. When you are trying to deal damage, you can cast this ability to prevent enemy heroes from disabling your abilities, giving you a window of time in which to output as much damage as you can. If you’re trying to engage an enemy hero or a group of heroes, Black King Bar will give you a guaranteed initiation


Wards are absolutely essential and perhaps the most important items in Dota 2. When fighting for control on the map, the teams often first need to fight for vision. You can’t anticipate an opponent’s attack when you’re surrounded by invisible grounds on all sides. Wards can be placed almost anywhere on the map and will grant vision within a specific radius. Wards are some of the cheapest items in Dota 2, so there is no reason for the warding hero of your team to not stock up on them. 

There are some common spots on the map which will grant you the most vision with your wards, but the enemy team will likely anticipate those and destroy them. It is key to find a balance between achieving the largest amount of vision and keeping your wards hidden enough so that they won’t be found out and eliminated.

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So what Items Should You Buy in Dota 2?

At the end, everything is down to you and your preferences. What your hero requires depends on the hero themselves and the direction you want to take them. There are lots of Dota 2 item guides for every hero and some are even built-in within the game.

If you’ve acquired some knowledge and built some confidence in Dota 2, you might want to venture into the competitive scene. Bitspawn offers amateur and semi-professional Dota 2 tournaments and gives you the opportunity to create your own tournaments. Here, you can test your abilities against players of all ranks and slowly make your way to the top! 

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