CSGO Reddit: Most Upvoted Posts of All Time

by Fabio

Reddit is one of the best resources for CSGO discussions and prime Counter Strike ‘memery’. New game modes, post-match discussions, investigative journalism on some of the most scandalous moments around the game… the CSGO Reddit has it all. 

In this article, we’re looking through the years of content that this reddit has to offer and present to you some of the most upvoted posts of all time!

Lifting the iBUYPOWER Bans

Back then, the iBP scandal shook the foundations of Counter-Strike. In 2014, a team had been caught betting against themselves and then losing their match on purpose. As a result, most of the players of iBUYPOWER were permanently banned from any Counter Strike events. This decision was made by the game developers, Valve. Since then, the CSGO Reddit has featured endless discussions on the severity of this punishment.

The players have suffered the consequences. So in 2018, ESL and DreamHack announced that these players would be allowed back into their competitions, although Valve still won’t let them back into Major events. But it was a start and allowed these players to pursue their competitive esports careers once again. 

The CSGO Gambling Controversy

This CSGO Reddit post requires a longer explanation. The video is from 2016 and was produced by Ethan Klein from ‘h3h3Productions’. Back in those times, gambling had taken a hold on the CSGO community. You could take your in-game skins (or real money) onto sites and basically play casino with them. Gambling in itself is a common thing and usually well-regulated. In this case, however, the sites targeted a young audience. An audience way too young, we might add. Additionally, these minors were reeled in by influencers, who spent their time gambling on various platforms and showcasing their experiences on YouTube. 

But that wasn’t even the issue. In 2016, it was uncovered that many of the most prominent gamblers, like Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Thomas “ProSyndicate” Cassell, actually owned these sites or had stakes in them. They could gamble as much as they wanted with virtual currency. The could lose as much as they liked, without wasting actual money. Most importantly, they could manipulate the odds in their favor. This scandal caused actual lawsuits and, fortunately, forced many of these sites out of existence. The CSGO Reddit post provides a lot of material on these shady deals.

CSGO Surpasses 1M Concurrent Players

This is for once a beautiful story. After CSGO has been threatened by so many other games, it has still remained the number one FPS esports on the planet. Now, during the corona pandemic, 8 years after its release and 21 years after the original Counter Strike saw the light of day, the game has surpassed one million concurrent players

The Perfect Decoy Kill

Just forget for a second that the CSGO Reddit post calls it a flashbang. It’s obviously a decoy and the killfeed shows it as such. We don’t know how a perfect kill in CSGO might look, but this one is definitely on the shortlist. Across the Mirage map, from Bench to Palace, this decoy kills a player. This must have come as a surprise. The thrower has probably already forgotten that they threw the decoy in the first place. If only one could always time these throws so perfectly… what a way to make a decoy useful!

New Game-Mode

Counter Strike isn’t all about esports. Game modes like Wingman, Surf and Bunnyhopping have proven that there is a great fan base beyond just competitive play. The user “sniper13g” has started development on an entirely new game mode. Players race across the map, make difficult jumps and avoid obstacles. The fastest one wins. Sounds easy, but achieving perfect movement in CS is actually quite a challenge!

This CSGO Reddit post is actually way too long to embed!

ELEAGUE Major: Post-Match Discussion

There is a good reason as to why this post (and the match in general) have received so much attention. When Cloud 9 suddenly won the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, the entire CSGO world was rocked to its core. Never before had a North American team won this coveted trophy. On top of that, FaZe Clan had been looking incredible throughout the event.

Nonetheless, the Cloud 9 boys delivered an insane match. On the last map, the game went into overtime, sending the hearts of the NA fans racing. The thread is filled with useful information and statistics on the game. Below that, the CSGO Reddit users have given voice to their excitement. Some can’t believe that this match ever took place.
We hope you liked our short dive into the CSGO Reddit world. On Bitspawn, we regularly publish tutorials on Counter Strike and features on streaming and tournaments. So stick around and stay tuned for more esports content!

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