CSGO Major: The Best Plays of All Time

by Fabio

The Counter Strike Majors have a very special place in esports history. All of them have featured amazing matches and intense combat between the best teams of the world. It’s impossible to name just one CSGO Major as the best, so we’ve assembled a list with the best and most powerful plays from all CSGO Major events!

#6 – olofmeister’s Tec 9 at the Katowice CSGO Major 2015

Let’s get the first ace out of the way. Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer is one of the best players of all time, which becomes apparent in this stunning moment from Katowice 2015. Olof was faced with a 1v5 situation. Saving his weapon made little sense, so he decided to go for it. His ability to isolate the Na’Vi players essentially gave him five separate duels, which he won with ease. Starting this match off in such a fashion gave fnatic quite a boost. They eventually won the entire event and olofmeister was crowned as the best player of 2015.

#5 – fnatic 4-Man Peek at the Cologne CSGO Major 2015

This play was just straight-up domination. After a hard-fought match, fnatic and EnVyUs were heading into overtime. After the Swedes ran away with the first two rounds, they decided to go for a four-man peek down middle. They had more than enough money to spend, so they purchased four AWPs and just waited for the one EnVyUs player to walk into their crosshairs. There was no way for himto do any damage. He was easily dispatched and fnatic broke the last bits of spirit that EnVy might have still had. This moment was witnessed live by thousands of viewers. Since Cologne 2015, CSGO Majors have only grown in size and scale.

#4 friberg’s Ace at the Cologne CSGO Major 2014

At ESL One Cologne, history is essentially written every year. But in 2014 in particular, the Ninjas in Pyjamas finally found their CSGO Major trophy. After a few failed attempts, they eventually got through to the Grand Finals in Cologne. But on Inferno, fnatic started to run away with the first few rounds. Adam “friberg” Friberg was determined to stop this trend. As the king of banana, he ran up towards B Spot and just eliminated every player in his way. He then got the player attempting to sneak through Construction. To complete the ace, he went on a hunt. Finally, he found the last player hiding towards A Spot.

#3 – Hiko’s 1v4 Retake at the MLG Columbus CSGO Major

Spencer “Hiko” Martin is one of the most legendary North American players. MLG Columbus was Team Liquid’s first CSGO Major with Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev on board and they wanted to make it count. Unfortunately, they had to fight past Luminosity Gaming. In the first rounds of the second map, Liquid made it look easy. They were on top of the match, but suddenly Hiko found himself in a one-versus-four.

The bomb was planted and it looked like his team’s streak was about to end. Through clever positioning, Hiko found his way onto the site. He knew where to find the enemies and cunningly snuck into the right positions to catch them off-guard. The retake worked and Liquid were able to secure yet another round. This play was so crazy and so unexpected that it caused s1mple to jump out of his chair and run over to Hiko, congratulating the player on this piece of CSGO Major history.

#2 – coldzera’s Jumping AWP-Shots at the MLG Columbus CSGO Major

Hiko’s grand moment was preceded by one of the most legendary plays of all time. On the first map of the Liquid vs. Luminosity match, the Brazilians were down 9-15. Had Marcelo “coldzera” David not fended off the Liquid players, the map would have ended right there. 

But Liquid made a crucial mistake. They didn’t use any utility to force coldzera off of his position. To be fair, they probably didn’t expect him to get four kills in this scenario. But when the North Americans started running through Apartments, coldzera took aim with his AWP and killed the first player that came around the corner. Jumping up, he then got two players lined up, without even scoping in. The last player tried to run him over, but coldzera delivered yet another no-scope on close range. With this new-found confidence, Luminosity steamrolled Liquid into overtime, where they managed to claw back the game. In the end, the team even won the entire event against Natus Vincere. 

Honorable Mentions

No two minds think alike. A few hardcore CSGO fans with differing opinions might want to grill us for our ranking decisions. So to show that we haven’t forgotten the other memorable moments from CSGO Majors, we have a few honorable mentions. 

At the PGL Krakow CSGO Major, Gambit Esports were closing in on the tournament victory. Mikhail Dosia Stoliarov might not have won the round with his grenade throw, but the “200 IQ” play is just a perfect example for what can be achieved in CSGO beside headshot kills. The two Immortals players ran into the Pit corner on Inferno as the bomb was ticking down. There, they would have survived the blast. However, the grenade from Dosia lowered their HP so much that the bomb explosion did kill them off in the end. 

Who could ever forget the infamous “olofboost”? We didn’t include it in this list, as it didn’t help fnatic with progressing in the tournament. Quite the opposite took place, the team conceded the victory after olofmeister’s play was deemed unruly by the tournament organizers. In their quarter finals match against LDLC, they were down on the third map and losing the game. So they pulled an insane trick out of their sleeves. With a complex three-man boost, they elevated olofmeister so high that he could see over most of the map. This gave him the chance to kill LDLC players without them understanding what was happening. Unfortunately, their move was regarded as pixel-walking, which was illegal per CSGO Major rules. The Swedes ended up forfeiting the match.

#1 – “s1mple, Are You Serious?”

We’ve got no words for this one. This play should never have happened. There shouldn’t be a player good enough to pull this off. But apparently, s1mple is a CSGO god and will just do whatever he wants. At the ESL One Cologne CSGO Major of 2016, he made history.

Liquid were leading in their semi-finals match against fnatic. In the last round of the first half on Cache, s1mple was left alone, but there was no reason for him to save. So when the two surviving fnatic members tried to get onto the B Bombsite, he just jumped down from Balcony and delivered two quick no-scopes. We can understand the first one, but we’ll never understand why s1mple decided to go for a no-scope on the last player. Much less how he actually pulled this off! In the end, Liquid were unable to win the trophy in the Grand Finals. Still, this was a legendary tournament run – fueled by the insane performance of s1mple.

So that’s our list with the most memorable CSGO Major plays of all time. We regularly publish CSGO content and tutorials on important Counter Strike aspects. Stick around our blog for more features like this!

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