CSGO Launch Options: Can They Improve Your Game?

by Fabio

Counter Strike Global Offensive is part of the huge Steam games library. In its Steam settings, there is an option to input launch commands for the game. These can – depending on your setup – have a huge effect on the performance and playability of the game. Here we present to you the best and most important CSGO launch options!

In this window, you can start typing in your CSGO launch options
In this window, you can start typing in your CSGO launch options

General Launch Options

In television shows, you have to watch the same intro every time you start a new episode. That is why services such as Netflix offer to skip those sections with a simple button press. But the same holds true for computer games. You probably know how annoying it is to have to watch the Steam and CSGO logos every time you start the game up. With the -novid command you can easily disable this whole section and just boot straight into the game.

External matchmaking platforms exist, for one, because people don’t fully trust CSGO’s anti-cheat solution. But these services also offer one important feature, 128 tick servers. Normal CSGO matchmaking experience only involves 64 ticks per second, which makes a real difference on a competitive level. The command -tickrate 128 ensures that all offline and LAN games you host will be played under the maximum amount of ticks. 

Finally, if you want to play the under a different language than the Steam default, you can do so by adding -language [language] to your CSGO Launch Options. This will start the game in your desired language. If you’re having troubles with your FPS and general game performance, we recommend trying out some more options. 

CSGO Launch Options For Higher Performance

With the command -high, you tell the computer that it should treat CSGO as a high-priority process. This will allocate more memory and processing power to the game. However, Windows isn’t stupid and will likely already have done that. 

Another useful command is -threads [number], which will tell the computer how many threads you want to dedicate to executing the game. The number you pass along obviously depends on how many processor cores and possible threads your machine has. Generally, you would want to take the maximum number here.

+fps_max 0 disables any frame limit that CSGO has built-in. This isn’t really a necessary option when you’re constantly below 200 frames per second. If you’re pushing towards 300fps, this becomes increasingly important. Especially pro-gamers will have this command in their CSGO launch options, as they have the hardware and, most importantly, the desire to push beyond those frame limits. 

Experimental CSGO Launch Options

We propose using the below launch commands only with caution. Generally, the standard graphics settings should give you more than enough options to tweak your system to the highest possible performance. However, if you’re still not satisfied with your gaming experience, or your machine is just really slow, these options could actually help you out. 

+mat_queue_mode 2 changes the way that the material system in CSGO works. Some have reported this command to bring an increase in FPS, others have reported issues. So this is really not something you should be trying out in a competitive game. Just try it out in any casual game mode and watch your frame rate closely. 

If you’ve got sufficient RAM, you can try out using +cl_forcepreload 1. This makes CSGO preload all of the assets before throwing you into a match. Obviously, loading times will increase, but at least your computer doesn’t have to worry about loading up all the files while you are actively playing. 

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If you’re at the absolute end of your wits and just want to play CSGO, no matter how bad it looks, you should definitely give this CSGO launch option a try. +mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 will disable texture blending in a way that grants more FPS, but will severely impact the visual quality of the game. You can also try out +r_dynamic 0, which will kill any dynamic lighting effects. The downside of this is that you will miss out on muzzle flashes and flashbangs. But don’t think this will give you a flashbang hack, you will still be blinded by those oncoming grenades. However, if a flashbang is thrown behind an obstacle, you won’t see it popping off. This is actually bad, as you now lack and kind of visual clue when it comes to where a flashbang was thrown. If you’re unsure about the effects, watch this short clip:

Just Start Playing!

We hope that some of these CSGO launch options can make a difference to your gameplay. At least they will save you some time during startup. If you’re already playing with 128 ticks on your private servers, you are definitely the kind of players that needs to try out their competitive skills in some esports tournaments. Here at Bitspawn, we can help you jump right into the action, as you can create and join esports tournaments with easy. The entrance barrier is incredibly low and allows even for amateur and semi-professional players to host these competitions. Competing against aspiring esports talent will definitely help you sharpen your own skill-set. Join us now and start elevating your game!

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