Bitspawn – The Esports Advancement Platform (EAP)

by Fabio

What is Bitspawn?

Bitspawn is your new go-to solution for organizing and participating in esports tournaments. With a few simple clicks, you can create an event that is ready to go. We consider ourselves an ‘Esports Advancement Platform (EAP)’ and are devoted to improving the esports ecosystem. We aid player development and help to secure their rights within these virtual competitions. 

Bitspawn takes workload off of tournament organizers’ shoulders, facilitating and automating processes that they would otherwise have to spend valuable time and resources on. Players can compete in a safe environment and – through our integrated game data automation – can use Bitspawn as a stage to display their skills to the world.

How Bitspawn Helps Organize Tournaments

The act of organizing tournaments is quite a hassle. There are just so many different components that have to work together in order to create one seamless experience for the players and viewers. Bitspawn takes care of organizing your event and lets you dedicate your time to other important parts of your project. 

Do you worry about setting up servers and getting the players on board? Are you already frowning at the idea of having to paying out every single piece of prize money for every single player individually?  What happens if something goes wrong at the back-end and no one knows how to fix it? If you really intend to account for all of these potential issues and time-costly processes, congratulations on trying to create a safe and smooth esports event. Not everybody does! 

But not everybody has to. By making Bitspawn part of the equation, you eliminate a lot of these complex and tedious variables. Your servers will run just fine and your participants will receive every penny of their well-deserved prize earnings. The only difference is that you won’t have to worry about any of this anymore. Isn’t that convenient?

How Bitspawn Makes Tournaments Safer For The Players

In 2015, a Slovenian organizer held a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event called ‘Gaming Paradise’. Far from being a paradisaical experience, however, the tournament is now considered to be the worst CS:GO event of all time. From teams not getting their travels paid, over missing computers and monitors at the venue, to police taking passports from players and team staff because their hotel rooms hadn’t been paid, the event was in absolute shambles. Months later, the winning team was eventually informed that they would not receive any prize money from the event. 

This was many years ago, but unfortunately, stories of players not being paid out their tournament earnings aren’t just a thing of the past. To this day, the esports industry still has to fight against unprofessional tournament organizers, who regularly cheat competitors out of their rightfully earned winnings.

With Bitspawn, this issue is being taken care of right at the root of its cause. An organizer cannot simply hold a tournament and then run away with the money, as it has to be deposited on Bitspawn beforehand. Once the event has ended, our system automatically distributes prize earnings, so no players will be screwed over. At Bitspawn, if you have earned a prize, you are guaranteed to receive it as well!

How Bitspawn Makes Tournaments Safer For Tournament Organizers

But tournament organizers are not just the culprits here, sometimes they are victims to difficult conditions beyond their control. Maybe the internet fails, maybe the servers crash. Those situations are not easily accounted for and require lots of expertise to fix. Especially for amateur and semi-professional tournaments, hiring lots of admins and server technicians is simply not an option. Here at Bitspawn, we take those troubles off your mind and into the hands of dedicated and trained professionals, who will ensure that your tournament can and will run smoothly.

What are you waiting for?

The entrance barrier for hosting your own quality esports tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 has never been lower. Just a few clicks will get you going. Simply create an account and start your tournament!

Benefit from the amazing features that Bitspawn offers to help all players develop and become visible to brands, sponsors and advertisers. You can feel safe knowing that your participation in every tournament will be rewarded accordingly and that you cannot be scammed by shady tournament organizers.

Our vision is to provide an esports tournament platform that makes the process of organizing events a hassle-free experience. Here at Bitspawn, we will provide you with every resource imaginable to make your dreams of esports events a reality!

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