Bitspawn Partners With Evan Kubes of MKM Esports

by Fabio

MKM Esports were the first to take legal esports representation seriously in Canada. Before their lawyers started working within the industry, there weren’t any agencies committed to helping companies navigate the legal complications that exist within esports. Now they work with broadcast talent, content creators, influencers, and teams to professionalize the industry and protect all its players. We’re proud to bring them on board for Bitspawn. They’ll assist us with providing fair opportunities to players of all competitive levels. 

Evan Kubes Joins as an Advisor

Evan is the President and Co-Founder of MKM Esports. With both a Canadian and an American law degree, he is perfectly suited for engaging with clients on relevant esports matters. He mainly assists firms with implementing marketing strategies and getting a foothold in the esports industry. Additionally, he provides pro-bono services to players that would be unable to seek legal representation otherwise. 

He got his start in esports as a casual fan. When he became a lawyer, he wanted to bring his knowledge and experience to competitive gaming. Evan soon found that his skills were more than applicable to the industry: “There were so many legal issues and uncertainties for players, teams and organizations alike. Back in 2018, only a handful of agencies had actually committed themselves to providing legal representation in esports. So I knew that I had to get involved.”

One of his earliest cases revolved around a player who had signed a contract with a $200 monthly salary. The player’s buyout clause was set at $250,000, which meant that he himself or another team would have had to pay a quarter of a million dollars to get him out of the contract. Obviously, this was shady and could have been avoided by having a lawyer review the contract, as is common in traditional sports. Such malpractice in esports wasn’t unusual back then and probably still takes place today. So Evan slowly convinced his friend Josh Marcus to collaborate in creating Canada’s first esports law agency in 2018. As of now, they have reviewed countless player contracts on a pro-bono basis and helped represent dozens of major esports companies. 

How Does Evan Help Bitspawn?

Evan is a seasoned and experienced leader. Most importantly, he knows his way around the many legal issues in the esports industry. Getting him on board for Bitspawn was a no-brainer. He will offer guidance when it comes to esports law and will make sure that we can provide our services safely and to the best of our abilities. 

He has done the same with MKM Esports and so far, the agency has already become a major player in the international esports landscape. MKM are Canada’s first and leading esports law agency and are working hard to help the scene grow. 

Who’s Behind MKM Esports?

We’ve already gotten to know Evan Kubes and his co-founding partner, Josh Marcus. In his capacity as Managing Partner and Co-Founder at MKM, Josh advises esports clients on all sorts of topics. Most notably, he helps them with negotiating sponsorship and player agreements, as well as finding paths towards profitability. You’ll frequently encounter him as a guest on podcasts or at university lectures across North America.

They’re joined by Zack Perlstein. As the Director of Talent and Legal Affairs, Zack works with companies to negotiate talent agreements and implement sponsorship campaigns. He has previously worked at a litigation firm in downtown Toronto and now uses this experience to provide fair representation to a wide variety of esports projects. The three lawyers are specialists when it comes to business and corporate law, contract negotiations, IP and copyright, you name it. This enables them to represent a wide variety of clients across the entire esports realm.

We’re privileged to have Evan Kubes and MKM Esports share their experience with us. Check out their fantastic work and try out Bitspawn for some amazing esports competitions!

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