Bitspawn Announces Partnership With Oceanus Gaming

by Fabio

Today, Bitspawn welcomes Oceanus Gaming as an official partner of our Esports Advancement Platform. The esports club has had notable achievements in a multitude of disciplines and we are proud to welcome them on board!

So What Does This Partnership Entail, Exactly?

In cooperation with Oceanus Gaming, we will create and host awesome esports tournaments. Together with their pro teams, we will create a sponsored tournament system that caters to you, the fans. So you’ll be able to enter into esports competitions courtesy of Bitspawn and Oceanus Gaming, with a chance to get some sweet prize money as well. This is a great opportunity for amateur- and semi-professional teams who are looking to get themselves onto the map. Taking part in these competitions will help your team grow and evolve. As you play with and against Oceanus Gaming, you will gather lots of experience. Eventually, you’ll be able to tackle the bigger competitions and maybe become and actual esports pro along the way. 

Additionally, we will be running giveaways together. You’ll be able to enter into raffles for great CSGO skins, esports jerseys and all sorts of stuff. As more and more esports titles are brought onto our platform, we will continue to expand this partnership to more games and more projects. 

Oceanus Gaming at LAN ETS
Oceanus Gaming at LAN ETS

Oceanus Gaming Are a Premier Canadian Esports Squad

Just recently, their CSGO squad was victorious at the LAN ETS 2020 Finals in Canada. They topped their group and fought through the playoffs at the offline event. Eventually, they ended up in the Grand Finals alongside LiViD. There, they achieved a hard-fought 2-1 victory, bringing home the trophy and a big check. 

In 2019, Oceanus Gaming achieved a similar feat in the Grand Finals of the DreamHack Canadian Championship in Montreal. With Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik helping out as a stand-in, the team made first place. Again LiViD Gaming fell prey to what can be considered the best Canadian CSGO squad right now. The team also competes in ESEA Mountain Dew League, where they are currently sitting on a 11-5 record, right behind Chaos Esports Club. The first few teams within the league get a chance to qualify for ESL Pro League, so this is a pretty huge deal!

Oceanus Gaming field many esports teams. They currently boast active players in Counter Strike Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, Warcraft, Fortnite, as well as in the collectible card and fighting games communities. Alongside those players, Oceanus Gaming have taken various streamers and content creators under their wings. 

Notable achievements of their esports division include a sixth-place for Joey “Juk3d” Smith at DreamHack Montreal’s main Hearthstone event and a first-place for Oceanus Gaming at the Shadowverse and Magic The Gathering competitions. 

Where Does Oceanus Gaming Come From?

The organization’s founders have a long history within esports. The company was created by Shawn Porter and two brothers, Nick and Alex Cuccovillo. Shawn is an accomplished product designer and has also actively competed in esports. As part of Absolute Legends, Team Curse and Team Liquid, he has accumulated over $20,000 in prize winnings. Alex Cuccovillo has pursued an esports career under Liquid and Curse as well, winning similar amounts of prize money along the way. His brother, Nick, was a Counter Strike 1.5 pro. With 16 years of esports experience in the bag, the business owner knows his way around the industry. 

The three founders are supported by Jonny Comparelli, who has already brought up his very own technology company. He has been able to grow the company over the years and continues to work in the mobile consumer engagement space. Turning his head towards esports, he brings a lot of valuable experience and knowledge to Oceanus Gaming. The minds behind Oceanus Gaming know what they’re doing. Most importantly, as long-standing members of the esports community, they are intent on improving this space and make esports greater than ever before. 

We are happy and proud to welcome Oceanus Gaming into our family. Together, we aim to improve and reinforce the esports ecosystem on the amateur- and semi-professional level. There’s no better time to try out our Esports Advancement Platform. So head on over to Bitspawn, sign up and start your esports journey. Oceanus Gaming and Bitspawn wish you best of luck!

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