AWP Skins: The Most Expensive CSGO Skin

by Fabio

In Counter Strike, skins can be used to customize your weapons. You can buy them, win them by opening cases and trade them with other players in the Steam Marketplace. The rarest AWP skins are regularly sold for upwards of $1000. Players love to decorate their virtual weaponry with fancy colors and patterns. In a way, these skins are status symbols. But apart from the obvious visual appeal, they don’t change or add anything to your weapon.

Still, these items are sold for incredible amounts of money. The AWP is one of the most-played weapons in CSGO and its skins are among the most valuable in the game. We have assembled a list of the most expensive AWP skins in CSGO, according to the current Steam Marketplace listings and some historical transactions. These can fluctuate and change as items are sold and put into the store, so some of the numbers in this article might not match up exactly. Depending on their rarity and condition, these items vary wildly in price and value. 

How Do Skins in CSGO Work?

CSGO skinscan be categorised into five different exterior conditions. Battle-Scarred weapons look the worst, with a lot of the paint scraped off. From Well-Worn, over Field-Tested and Minimal Wear, the quality of the paint jobs improves. Factory New is the best exterior condition and gives the cleanest look. Generally, the best-looking weapons will attract the highest bidders. Since there is also a random component in the distribution of patterns and wear, some skins of the same condition can have radically different monetary value. 

These skins can be obtained by opening cases. The highest-quality items are rarest and will thus have the highest price tags attached to them. Since the game only drops cases at random at the end of matches, the likelihood of getting some skins can decrease even further. Every skin can be sold and traded to other players via the Steam Marketplace. There, you can advertise your weapon and if someone is willing to pay your asking price, you’ve just made money!

However, Steam will keep that money forever. Here, third-party marketplaces can help you out. They essentially offer the same features as the Steam Marketplace, but give the option to cash out real money. Most high-profile traders buy and sell through these sites, which makes absolute sense. Who would want a thousand bucks in their Steam Wallet when they could receive hard cash?

These sites operate in a grey area when it comes to Steam’s Terms of Service. Years ago, they would deploy bot accounts on Steam to distribute and collect skins from players. Steam has since put a stop to this practice, more or less. As these sites are still not 100% on the right side of the law, we’re mostly considering AWP skins currently on offer in the Steam Marketplace. 

What are the Most Expensive AWP Skins in CSGO?

The value of these skins can be measured along many factors. Generally the rarity and condition of the skin decide its price tag. We’re saving the highest-valued skin for last. 

In terms of Factory New weaponry, a “StatTrak Containment Breach” skin is currently on sale for a little more than $600. StatTrak skins are special in the sense that they record the amount of kills achieved while using them. This means that, while playing, you’ll always have your kill count displayed on your AWP skin. 

But right now, “The Prince” appears to be the second-most expensive one on the Steam Marketplace. This weapon was only dropped after matches on the map “Canals”. As this map is no longer part of the competitive map pool, these drops will likely have decreased in volume. This would explain why “The Prince” is so high on the list. Currently, you’ll be able to snatch one in Minimal Wear condition for about $1.800 USD. There is still one more expensive skin available right now and it carries a lot of history. 

The most expensive AWP skin ever sold in CSGO
The most expensive AWP skin ever sold… but for how much? (via

Souvenir “Dragon Lore” (Factory New)

The Dragon Lore is perhaps the most coveted skin in all of Counter Strike. This skin is only rarely obtainable through the ‘Cobblestone Collection case’. As of now, there is only one player offering a Dragon Lore (Battle-Scarred) on the Steam Marketplace, with a hefty $1,800 price tag. Ever since its introduction in 2014, fans and players have been working tirelessly to obtain this item. It is by far one of the rarest AWP skins in all of CSGO. Even in the worst conditions, it is accompanied by a four-digit price tag. There are countless videos on YouTube of these Dragon Lore drops after games. 

But that’s not all! One of most expensive AWP skins ever sold was a Souvenir Dragon Lore (Factory New) for over $19,000! To get this skin, the seller couldn’t just open a case from the Cobblestone Collection. It needed to be a Cobblestone Case dropped at a CSGO Major event, as they are the only ones giving out souvenir items. With this much money, one could buy a nice car or go on vacation ten times over.

The Most Expensive CSGO Skin Ever Sold

Now you might think that is is the tip of the iceberg. No one could possibly get more money for a digital item in a computer game. But that’s not true. For this next item to appear, several stars had to align. First, the original owner had to receive a Cobblestone souvenir case from the 2018 Boston Major. Then, he had to actually open a Factory New Dragon Lore skin from it. But most importantly, stickers from the tournament organizer, the winning team, and the eventual MVP player of the event, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, cover this skin! Under those ridiculous circumstances, the most expensive CSGO skin of all time was created. A CSGO fan sold it for over $61,000 in January of 2018. 

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So much money is being made just through buying and reselling CSGO skins. AWP skins in particular sell for incredibly high values. So if you ever come across a few thousand bucks, you might, one day, be the proud owner of a Dragon Lore as well!

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